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Ad Astra Per Doctrinam
Jul, 2018 Asimov

Robotics division completes Asimov, the robotic arm.

Jun, 2018 That's Super So Nice

In an unprecedented success, the Rocketry Division wins 1st place in the 30,000 ft. supersonic category, as well as 1st place in the payload challenge at the Spaceport America Cup.

Apr, 2018 First Stop Canada, Next Stop the Globe

Space Concordia becomes one of 15 selected Canadian teams to participate in the Canadian CubeSat Project with SC-Odin.

Jun, 2016 This shelf is getting kind of heavy

Both Rocketry and Spacecraft have a stellar year. In the 4th iteration of CSDC, Aleksandr II wins it all. Rocketry wins 2nd place in the 10,000ft solid fuel category at IREC.

Jun, 2016 Up Up and Away

Special Projects releases their first high altitude balloon (Icarus 1) to amazing results.

Jun, 2015 Rocketry Reaches for the Skies

Rocketry rocks the competition during their first try with their payload winning 2nd place in IREC (Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition).

May, 2015 Eyes On Research

The Special Projects Division is created to allow our inspired members to start their own team for a year and work on research.

Jun, 2014 Another one

Spacecraft brings home a silver trophy from CSDC2 with ConSat-2.

Sep, 2012 Hitting the Ground Running

Space Concordia wins big by bringing home the gold at CSDC.

May, 2012 The Family Grows ALOT!

Ground Segment, Rocketry & Robotics Divisions begin. Finally, some overlook comes in, with SC Governing Council.

Jan, 2010 Our Start

Scott Gleason, as assistant professor in Concordia gathered a small team of engineering students to participate in the first CSDC (Canadian Satellite Design Challenge) with Consat-1 and thus, Space Concordia is born.


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Space Concordia is a student society at Concordia University that throws its members at challenging space and aerospace projects, to yield awesome results. We win awards at national and international competitions, we showcase our school, but most importantly: Space Concordia teaches and trains excellent young scientists and engineers through hands-on work and an attitude of persistence and collaboration.

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We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their contributions. We would also like to reassure our sponsors that they are part of something greater than just student competitions. We are working very hard to go beyond your average student society to prove to our sponsors and to the public that we are capable of accomplishing much more when given the resources to do so. Your contributions have most certainly not been put to waste and we will work hard to make sure to secure an even brighter future for Space Concordia.